NewPlayFest Call for Producing Theatres

Call for Producing Theatres/Guidelines

The theatre that produces a new play brings a brand new adventure to its company and its patrons. The world premiere of an award-winning show is a feather in a theatre’s cap!

  1. Applications are closed. The deadline for applications to be a producing theatre for AACT NewPlayFest 2020 was December 4, 2017.
  2. AACT will select member theatres to produce the winning plays. The Producing Theatres will read the scripts that make it to the final round and select the winning shows that will be produced. (The Adjudication Process is included in the documents at the bottom of this page.)
  3. Theatres will be responsible for providing fully realized productions between February 2019 and July 2020 and for bringing in the playwright for a workshopping session and a performance.
  4. Theatre and Producing Contracts can be found at the bottom of this page as PDF files. 

Theatres selected reap these benefits:

  • Prestige of being selected for a national program
  • Premiere a national award-winning play
  • National publicity
  • Excitement of working directly with the playwright 
  • Honor of introducing the playwright to the community
  • Impact on the future of the work: the interpretations of the director and the actors may reveal insights to the playwright on what works or doesn’t work, leading to rewrites.
  • Possible funding

Theatre Responsibilities:

  • Provide documentation of nonprofit status
  • Rank the plays that reach the final round, indicating your top choices for a production at your theatre
  • Provide a fully realized production between February 2019 and July 2020. A full production includes casting, rehearsing, and staging (costumes, lights, set design, props) of the script.
  • Present at least three (3) performances of the work
  • Pay a royalty of $50 per performance to the playwright
  • Bring in the playwright for a workshopping session and a performance
  • Advertise the production as part of AACT NewPlayFest
  • Sign contract agreeing to these responsibilities
  • Maintain AACT Organizational membership

AACT will:

  • Select and announce producing theatres
  • Conduct national new play contest, including script solicitation, recruitment of Reviewers, tabulation of scores, and announcement of winners
  • Execute contracts with Producing Theatres and playwrights
  • Guide theatres in working with playwrights
  • Compile and publish a calendar of AACT NewPlayFest productions
  • Provide national advertising via websites, e-promos, social media, and news releases
  • Provide news release templates and guidance (as needed) for local promotion
  • Seek sponsorships or grants to help fund AACT expenses and/or theatre production expenses

The theatre that produces a new play often contributes to the future development of the piece. It illustrates to the playwright what works or doesn’t work. The interpretations of the director and the actors may reveal insights into the work that even the playwright didn’t know were there. A first production allows the playwright to discover what may need to be rewritten to make it more effective.

Each AACT NewPlayFest Producing Theatre has the opportunity to receive funds specifically to bring the playwright to the theatre for a workshopping session, and to attend a performance. In addition to funds to support the workshopping of the script, funds are also available to help cover production and marketing costs. The Jack K. Ayre and Frank Ayre Lee Theatre Foundation will provide this generous funding, and will negotiate to fund the AACT NewPlayFest 2020 Producing Theatres.

Reference Documents
Item Name File
Sample Application for AACT NewPlayFest Producing Theatre View/Download
Theatre Contract 2020 View/Download
Producing Contract 2020 View/Download
Playwright Contract 2020 View/Download
Adjudication Process View/Download
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