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ContestVermont Playwrights Award Seeks SubmissionsFeb. 1Ongoing
Contest2019 Risk Theatre Modern Tragedy CompetitionMarch 29 2019Ongoing
ContestThe Chameleon Theatre Circle's 16th Annual New Play ContestApril 30Ongoing
ContestNorth Park Playwright FestivalJune 302018
ContestOnStage! American Theater Festival In Rome - Playwriting AwardJune 20th 2018
ContestNew Voices Seeks Political ScriptsJune 30th2018
ContestValhalla WordWave One-Act Play CompetitionJuly 32018
ContestFUNHOUSE IVJuly 312018
ContestFratti-Newman Political Play Contest of the Castillo TheatreScripts must be postmarked by July 1 2018
ContestTheatre Odyssey One-Act Play FestivalJuly 312018
ContestYear-Around Submissions or Maxim Mazumdar New Play CompetitionJuly 1 each yearOngoing
ContestNew Works of Merit Playwriting ContestJuly 22018
ContestBSC Theare presents: "What Happened to the American Dream?": A National Ten Minute Play CompetitionSeptember 12018
ContestCamino Real Playhouse ShowOff! October 15Ongoing
ContestThe Robert J. Pickering Award for Playwriting ExcellenceDecember 31Ongoing
ContestWoodward Newman Drama AwardMarch 1Ongoing
ContestReva Shiner Comedy AwardOct 31Ongoing
ContestA4AC Playhouse Play Writing Competition  Ongoing
ContestHumana FestivalOngoingOngoing
DirectoryNew Musicals Accepted/SoughtSee this directoryOngoing
Other OpportunityEdgemar Center for the Arts Play Submissions March 31st Ongoing
Other OpportunityFull-Length and One-Act submissions August 1 2018
Other OpportunityThe Nightingale Songs FestivalSeptember 132018
Other OpportunityInfinity Stage accepting plays and musicals for online non-exclusive publishingongoingOngoing
Other OpportunityCall for plays - full-length - SoCal Playwrights preferredOngoingOngoing

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