AACTFest 2017: National Festival Schedule

Festival Activities, Day by Day

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New for AACTFest 2017 National Festival - Two performances by each National Company!
Each Performance Session includes three National Companies. Afternoon sessions repeat (and are adjudicated) in the evening on the same day.

AACTFest 2017 National Festival Schedule
[schedule subject to change]

Sunday, June 25
3:00pm                Community Theatre Management Conference begins

Monday, June 26
8:30am-8:30pm  Community Theatre Management Conference
1:30-10pm          Tech Meetings/Rehearsals
3-7pm                 AACT Executive & Finance Committee Meetings
8:30-10pm          Welcome Party!

Tuesday, June 27
8:30-Noon          Community Theatre Management Conference
9-11:30am          AACT Board Meeting
9:30-11:30am     Adjudication Training and Intro to Adjudication begins
Noon-5pm          AACT Committee/Task Force Meetings
12:30-9:30pm     Adjudication Training
12:30-7pm          Silent Auction open
1:15pm               YouthFest performance 1 - Clark Youth Theatre
2:15pm               Performance Session 1
                                 Region VII - Theatre Esprit Asia
                                 Region III (wildcard) - 
                                 Region V - 
7pm                    Performance Session 1 repeats (adjudicated)
10:15-12pm        After Glow

Wednesday, June 28
8:30-4pm             Vendor Exhibits open
9-11:45am           Workshops
9:30am-9:30pm   Adjudication Training
10:30-11:45am    Youth Leadership Conference
Noon-1pm           Adjudication of Session 1 (box lunches available)
12:30-7pm           Silent Auction open
1-5pm                  AACT Committee/Task Force Meetings
1:15pm                YouthFest performance 2 - Rochester Civic Theatre
2:15pm                     Performance Session 2
                                 Region IVb - Starkville Community Theatre
                                 Region V (wildcard) - 
                                 Region III - 
2:15-5pm             Workshops
7pm                     Performance Session 2 repeats (adjudicated)
10:15-12pm         After Glow

Thursday, June 29
8:30am-4pm         Vendor Exhibits and Design Exhibits open
9-11:45am            Workshops
9:30am-9:30pm    Adjudication Training and Intro to Adjudication
10:30-11:45am     Youth Leadership Conference
10:30-11:45am     AACT Committee/Task Force Meetings
Noon-1pm            Adjudication of Session 2 (box lunches available)
12:30-7pm            Silent Auction
1-5pm                   AACT Committee/Task Force Meetings
1:15pm                 YouthFest performance 3 - Minnesota SkyVault Theatre
2:15pm                  Performance Session 3
                                   Region IX - 
                                   Region X - 
                                   Region VI - 
2:15-5pm              Workshops
7pm                       Performance Session 3 repeats (adjudicated)
10:15-12pm          After Glow

Friday, June 30
8:30am-4pm          Vendor Exhibits and Design Exhibits
9-11:45am              Workshops
9:30am-9:30pm      Adjudication Training
10:30-11:45am       Youth Leadership Conference
Noon-1pm              Adjudication of Session 3 (box lunches available)
12:30-3pm              Silent Auction
1:15pm                   AACT Membership Meeting and AACT National Awards
2pm                        YouthFest Performance 4 - Venice Theatre
2:15-5pm               Workshops
3pm                        Performance Session 4
                                       Region IVa - Theatre Winter Haven
                                       Region I - Windham Actors Guild
                                       Region II - 
4-7pm                    Silent Auction Pay & PickUp
7:30pm                  Performance Session 4 repeats (adjudicated)
10:15-12pm           After Glow

Saturday, July 1
8:30am-1pm          Design Exhibits
9-11am                  AACT Board Meeting
9-11:45am             Workshops, Monologue Competition finals
10:30-11:45am      Youth leadership Conference
Noon-1pm             Adjudication of Session 4 (box lunches available)
1pm                       YouthFest Performances - four companies with adjudication
2-5:30                    Adjudication Training
7pm                       Pre-Awards Reception
7:45pm                  Awards Show


AACT Registration Desk Hours:
Monday         Noon-5pm, 7-8:30pm
Tuesday        10am-5pm, 6-7pm
Wednesday    8:30-5pm, 6-7pm
Thursday       8:30am-5pm, 6-7pm
Friday            8:30am-5pm, 6-7 pm
Saturday        Noon-1pm

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