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After stating the goals and objectives of your organization in your mission statement the constitution and bylaws of a community theatre should spell out carefully-determined specifics. While basic operating rules and organizational structure should be defined, enough flexibility should be provided to accommodate changes and future developments. 


The bylaws for a typical community theatre often include details related to the following:


1. General

Name and location


Legal counsel

Bookkeeping and audit procedures

Corporate status

Amendment and repeal procedures

Rules of procedure


2. Officers and Board of Directors

Election procedures

Terms of office



Replacement during absences and vacancies



3. Members

Definitions of

Types of





4. Meetings

Annual membership meetings

Special membership meetings

Board Meetings

Purposes of

Quorum requirements

Advance notice for

Order of business

Time and place requirements, if any


5. Committees

Standing committees

Types and purposes of

Membership of

Quorum requirements

Chairmanship of

Membership change in committees

Appointment or election to

Powers of

Duties of


6. Amendments


It is possible to conduct an organization without any official constitution or bylaws.  However, if you wish to qualify as a charitable, educational and/or nonprofit entity, you will need bylaws.  


We have provided sample bylaws in several different styles, based on the size of the company, and how detailed you feel your bylaws should be. You may also find it useful to blend components from more than one set into your own.  


A text version of each example may be downloaded for editing on your computer. Note that different styles and wording may be needed in different states. If you plan to incorporate as a nonprofit/charitable entity, it's wise to consult your state attorney general's office, or whichever state department has oversight over nonprofit organizations.





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