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 MTI gives AACT theatres a break

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AACT’s partnership with Music Theatre International, allowing for discounts on rental packages, continues for the 2015 membership year. 

Under the agreement, AACT organizational members receive substantial discounts on standard rental fees on MTI musicals through August, 2015. 


The discount structure:

  • For the first four MTI musicals produced during the year beginning September 1, 2014, paid member theatres will receive a 20% discount on standard rental fees.

  • If a theatre produces five MTI musicals in a year, the fifth standard rental package is free.

According to MTI Senior Operations Officer John Prignano, most standard rentals cost between $750 and $1,200 per license. Using that range, with a 20% discount AACT member theatres save between $150 and $240 for the first MTI musical. Essentially, theatres with budgets up to $99,999 save more than the cost of their AACT membership with the first rental


The following stipulations apply:

  1. To participate in the discount program, a theatre must be a current, paid AACT member for 2014-15.

  2. AACT has created a group on MTI's website all eligible participants must sign up and join the AACT group at MTISHOWSPACE.com to be eligible for the discount.

  3. The AACT-member organization will work directly with their MTI agent to receive the discount.

  4. The discount will apply to any MTI shows produced between September 1, 2014 and August 31, 2015. 

  5. The agreement is retroactive. If a member theatre has already paid rental fees for the period covered by the agreement, the cost difference will be refunded.

  6. Rental discount applies to standard rental fees only.

  7. Theatres that are considered professional with MTI are excluded from the AACT discount.


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